Wainscoting & Wall Trim

Wainscoting and Wall Trim Molding

K & S Moulding

Add decorative flair to your walls with solid wood wainscoting and wall trim molding from K & S Moulding. Delineate walls with a lower accent of wainscoting. Protect walls and add an elegant touch with fine chair rail trim. Enhance the overall visual appeal of your walls with stunning wall frame trim accents. Add a picture rail to hang your favorite artworks and tapestries without damaging the walls with nail holes. Custom design your own molding, dress up your castle, and live like a king. Make a dramatic impression with the finest trim, cut with the solid German engineering of our Weinig equipment.

Why Wainscoting?

Wainscoting lends a versatile focal point to any room. Depending on the style you choose, you can enjoy anything from a refreshing air of seaside charm, the grounding simplicity of traditional colonial style, elegant Queen Anne-style formality, to refreshingly clean modern lines or just about any ambience from the classic to the novel with your own custom touches. With options including tongue and groove installation features, your choice of a complementary or contrasting base, chair railing, crown molding, and more, the possibilities for customization are endless.

Wainscoting Panels Include:

Period Wall Panel and Trim Selection

If you are working on a pre-existing architectural design or considering a timeless period style for your project, some of the most common locally popular styles to keep in mind are listed below for your convenience when making selections to go along with your wall panel choice. Keep in mind that K & S Moulding offers precision profile matching, tracing, and complete customization so you can achieve virtually any look you want!

Greek/Roman Revival (~1825-1860): Substantial, wide banded trimwork, rounded arches, large casings, and massive crown molding with dentils

Gothic Revival (~1840-1880): Semi-ornate features reminiscent of classic church architecture (pointed arches, rosettes, trefoils, medallions, etc.), as well as delicate, detailed wooded trimmed verge/bargeboards or “gingerbread”

Victorian/Queen Anne (~1880-1910): Elaborate moldings with luxurious details and extremely tall base moldings; often featuring spindlework, decorative brackets, steep pitches, towers, turrets, and asymmetrical design

Craftsman (~1905-1930): Simple, bold geometric patterns, wide casing trim, and clean aesthetics including decorative knee braces, built-in cabinetry, and massive, often tapered, columns/pillars astride this style’s front porch

Modern (~1930-1959): Minimal design and lack of ornamentation typically accented with narrow window and door casings

Highlight What YOU Love With Custom Molding

Although every house was built to a certain style, decades (or more) of renovations, alterations, and personalization may have made the structure unidentifiable as any certain style. Relax! Unless you are performing a historical renovation, you can bring out the character and highlight the features you love with your preferences. Reflect your favorite historical period – or design your own. Take all the stress out of a complete home restoration with one of our complete molding packages.

Precision Profile Matching

If you do need an exact profile match, bring a piece of the molding in or contact us to have a tracing done for a precision match to within thousandths of an inch. With K & S Moulding on your side, we make it easy to get the results you want!

For all your residential, commercial, and historical wainscoting, wall trim, and architectural accent needs, contact K & S Moulding: 301-750-4023. We offer fast turnaround and complete whole home construction and restoration packages. Bulk jobsite delivery is available, as well. Please call for details.