Products and Services

K & S Moulding

K & S Moulding offers thick, heavy, solid wood casing, trim, and fine decorative moulding of the highest quality, as well as a full range of auxiliary services including planing, re-sawing, straight-lining, and pieces cut to the exact length you need to help ensure exceptional results for your project.

We offer all standard trim, profiles, and dimensions, as well as complete customization to match any historical profile – or let us bring your own unique ideas to life!

Installing Trim for an Entire House?

Are you trimming out a whole house for a new construction project or applying moulding throughout the home for a historic restoration project? Contact K & S Moulding! We offer complete whole house moulding packages custom designed to meet your needs and cut to fit your exact dimensions! Be sure everything matches. Call to learn more or let us know the quantities and measurements you need and we’ll start making your moulding right away: 301-750-4540

Our Wood Species

K & S Moulding stocks an extensive array of premium-grade hardwoods and softwoods, including better hardwood species harvested from the finest Appalachian growers in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Southeastern Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia. In addition to our most commonly requested wood species listed below, we have access to many additional beautiful options from around the world. If we don’t have it, we can get it for you. Just let us know what you need!

  • Red Oak
  • White Oak
  • Poplar
  • Cherry
  • Soft Maple
  • Hard Maple
  • Ash
  • Hickory
  • Alder
  • White Pine
  • Walnut
  • Brazilian Cherry
  • Tigerwood

Notice: We do NOT offer any inferior grade products such as polystyrene, polyurethane, PVC, medium-density fiberboard, or compressed, composite, manufactured, or engineered “wood” products. At K & S Moulding, you will only find the finest hard and soft wood species of the highest grades.

Our Products

All Trim Moulding

Window and Door Casing Trim – Conceals gaps between door and window installation and provides an attractive decorative frame; Includes window bottom sills/stools and aprons

Baseboards and Wall Base Moulding Trim – Conceals construction imperfections at intersection of walls and floors and provides an aesthetically pleasing wall accent

Ceiling/Wall Interface Crown Moulding Trim – Helps hide subtle paint and construction variances and provides a simple or elaborate visual distinction that lends a sense of distinguishing separation between the wall/ceiling junction; Crown moulding can be designed with an extensive level of detail in a wide range of sizes and profiles for a sense of luxurious elegance.

Wall Moulding Trim – Subtle to ornate profiles offer immense aesthetic appeal

Chair Rail Trim – Helps prevent wall damage from chair and furniture impact

Wainscoting Paneling – Accent wall trim typically installed beneath chair rail trim to provide an aesthetically pleasing accent

Picture Rail Trim – Horizontal straight edge trim from which tapestries, picture frames, and artwork can be hung

Wall Frame Trim – Decorative geometrical shaped trim (typically installed for purely aesthetic purposes)

Fine Custom Decorative Moulding

At K & S Moulding, we offer complete custom moulding services. Whether you need an exact duplicate and can bring us a sample or need on-the-spot tracing done, we can assist you. If you have an idea for a unique custom profile, that is no problem at all. From keystone blocks, drip edge, custom thresholds, transitions, and flooring components to stair treads and risers, full size 2 x 8s, tongue and groove components, and anything else you need, we can handle it all for you!

Our Services

K & S Moulding is a full-service professional millwork shop. If you need it done, we can do it. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Planing
  • Straight-Lining
  • Re-Sawing
  • Rip-Sawing
  • Cut-to-Length
    (avoid seams at no extra charge!)
  • Knife Grinding
  • Sanding
  • Alteration of Standard Dimensions

Contact K & S Moulding for all your architectural millwork needs! Call: 301-750-4540.