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Trim out windows and doors with the highest quality solid wood casings from K & S Moulding. Cover installation gaps while enhancing stylistic magnificence with attractive framework moldings in your choice of oak, cherry, maple, walnut, tigerwood, or any other hardwood or softwood species you desire. From simple to elegant, traditional to modern – or your own custom profile – we offer attractive decorative finish casing for all your architectural perimeter framing needs.

  • Window Sills/Stools
  • Window Aprons
  • Apron Returns
  • Window Casings
  • Subsills
  • Traditional Casings
  • Multi-Layered Brick Mould
  • Flat Low-Profile Casings
  • Ornate High-Profile Casings
  • Head Casings
  • Door Side Casings
  • Decorative Corner Blocks/Rosettes
  • Mitered Casing
  • Butted Casing
  • Caps/Crowns
  • Fillets
  • and More!

Precise Historical Matching and Custom Casing Available!

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Why Casing?

Door and window casing offers much more than concealment of construction gaps and added protection against pest, temperature, and weather intrusion. This trim helps enhance the attractiveness, charm, and architectural impact of your windows and doors while creating a smooth, visually appealing transition that frames the installation. Casing is often the most visible molding in a room, as well as one of the most heavily used. Therefore, many installers choose a hardwood option for this particular trim even if other moldings are softwood.

Choosing Custom Casing

Although there truly is no wrong or right way to choose the casing for your doorways and window framing, you have several options to consider when selecting your custom trim for these areas. K & S Moulding can cut your casing with either mitered or butted corner angles according to your preferred design preference. With mitered angles your angles connect evenly for a simple finished design. If you are planning to add a custom or intricate head casing, you may want to consider a butted style for a particularly bold impact; however, decorative blocks or any degree of detail and multi-layer dimensionality can be added to either, according to your sense of style and creative flair. 

If you are adding new casing, you may want to consider matching interior/exterior casings for an exceptionally uniform appearance and transition. We offer exact matching of all types of profiles to make the process as simple as possible if this is a consideration for you. Also, if you will be stacking ornate, high-profile casings, please let us know and we can help ensure a more seamless finish. K & S Moulding also offers casings cut to the exact length you need at no additional charge for simplified installation with less to no seams.

Order Residential, Commercial, and Historic Window and Door Casing

For all your residential, commercial, and historical door and window casing needs, contact K & S Moulding: 301-750-4540. We offer fast turnaround and complete whole home construction and restoration packages. Bulk jobsite delivery is available, as well. Please call for details.