Customer Reviews

K & S Moulding

K & S Moulding is a local family owned and operated shop offering the finest solid wood trim and molding for homeowners and contractors, as well as for historic preservation applications throughout all of Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and beyond. Our specialty is delivering cost-effective service in a timely manner, with hand inspection of every piece of trim. We are proud to share some of the reviews we have received from our numerous satisfied customers. At K & S Moulding, we work hard to deliver the highest quality product and customer service and appreciate knowing that we were able to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. That is what makes it all worthwhile!

Workmanship Warranty

K & S Moulding fully stands behind all of our workmanship and we want our customers to be satisfied with our products. While keeping in mind that wood is a natural product, it will occasionally display in inherent imperfection. If you would ever happen to experience any problem, issue, or concern related to one of our products, please contact K & S Moulding Owner Urie Kanagy directly at: 301-750-4023 and we will make it right.