Crown Molding and Ceiling/Wall Trim

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Add a luxurious flair to the finish of your ceiling/wall interface with your choice of high-quality traditional or custom solid wood crown molding from the skilled craftsmen at K & S Moulding. Whether you prefer a simple transition or an elegant, intricate upsweep from wall to ceiling with an intricate silhouette, this crown molding puts the ultimate finishing touch on any room. From classic Colonial, Victorian, Grecian, and Edwardian to the simplicity of a modern silhouette, the sky (or should we say, the ceiling) is the limit on the attractiveness you can add to any living space with our finely honed moldings.

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Crown Gallery

Traditional Crown Molding Design Profiles and Custom Cutting

Stop into our shop and check out the extensive selection of crown molding styles you can choose from. We offer all traditional designs incorporating cavetto, astragal, fillet, cyma recta and cyma reversa, torus, scotia, flush bead, flutes and fillets, reeding, ovolo, and all other classic design favorites, as well as the option to have an exact duplicate made from your existing profile. If you have an idea for a custom design, we can create a knife and cut the style just for you!

Why Crown Molding?

Cap everything from walls and cabinets to fireplace mantels, doors, windows, shelves, and more with the elegant, upscale look of fine solid wood crown trim. Whether understated or ornate, crown moldings are all about adding style and ambience to your architecture. 

Although crown molding can help conceal slight variances between wall and ceiling transitions and ease edging and cutting-in when painting, the main function of this high perimeter trim is to add visual interest and allow opportunity for the designer to express his or her unique sense of style with a tasteful flourish. When applied with purpose, this trim can also be used to create a visual illusion that makes the room appear taller, shorter, wider, or narrower.

We can miter, cope, and cut to length your crown molding and all trim work to help make installation as easy and attractive as possible with minimal to no seams.

Crown Molding Selection

Generally speaking, the older the home is and/or the higher the ceilings are, the more extravagant the crown molding. So, if you are lucky enough to be working on one of these beauties, feel free to go all out. Stack your favorite profiles for a fabulous compound molding design that represents your home’s era in the grandest manner!

Mid-century to modern architecture generally lends itself well to straight, clean lines and geometric patterns with sharply delineated moldings at a maximum of approximately 4 to 6 inches for a most striking and aesthetically pleasing effect that is not overwhelming. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules here. If you absolutely love the look of a tall, stylistically ornate crown, by all means go for it! At K & S Moulding, we are here to help you create the exact look you want. We will assist with matching your existing trim or architectural style or design a look that’s all your own.

For all your residential, commercial, and historical crown molding and architectural accent needs, contact K & S Moulding: 301-750-4540. We offer fast turnaround and complete whole home construction and restoration packages. Bulk jobsite delivery is available, as well. Please call for details.